Diamonds on Fingernails? Yes!

Diamonds aren’t only for jewelry. Now you can have them on your nails as well! This is thanks to the evolution of nails throughout the years. Nowadays more trends are coming and that includes having diamond nails.

First off, no you are not turning your entire nail into a diamond. Although the effect is achievable for the curious and the experimental. All in all, this is a wonderful look to have during special occasions such as your wedding or at important dinner parties.

Are diamond nails expensive? Is finding people to do it for you hard? Can you make the diamond nail effect yourself? Continue reading to find out!

Turn Basic Nails Into Elegant Diamond-Studded Works of Art

Diamonds not only look great as rings, but they also fit well when added to nail art. There are more and more nail salons that offer diamond nail services that you can go to. But can you do it yourself? The answer is yes, but unless you have real diamonds at hand, much DIY diamond nail art uses faux diamonds.

You don’t need to worry since there are many options to choose from. If you need real diamonds on your nails, you can always go for high-end salons that use real gemstones. Make sure to prepare for a higher cost of service.

  • Diamond Studs and Holo Nails 

The holo effect looks great for highlighting the metallic effect on your nails. Pair this up with shiny diamond studs and your nails will look stunning even from afar. The style takes on the look of shining blue waters surrounded by diamond rocks.

  • French Tip Nails With Diamond Accents

Turn your classic french tip nails into something more elegant and luxurious with diamonds. This style will work with having one or two nails filled with diamonds while the rest have your simple french tip. This is perfect for those who like a simple style but want to have a standout diamond nail to steal the spotlight.

  • Nude Palette Nails Accented With Diamonds

Diamonds can also work as an accent to your nail art. This is one of the most low maintenance diamond nail styles perfect for first-timers. The style gives your nails a hint of dazzling diamonds plus a glitter accent finger for each of your hands.

Are Diamond Nails for You?

Remember that to keep diamond nails looking perfect, you should also know how to take care of them. If you are using real diamonds, always take care not to lose them from your nails. Take extra care and go for designs that you can maintain for a long time. If you are looking for the best diamonds Vancouver has to offer, visit Luxury Diamonds Vancouver.

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