Do You Want to Sell Your Gold Jewelry? Know the Facts Here!

Women love owning jewelry even men nowadays own different jewelry of the latest designs, unique, costly, etc. Owning other jewelry is a kind of habit or desire for many people. Possessing expensive jewelry is the mark of status or class. That’s why people run after antique or latest design jewelry. Sometimes, when we are out of money, we sell the jewelry to handle the situation. Apart from this, a point comes when we are irritated with an old piece of jewelry and want to get a new one which is latest in the market, so you sell it and collect the money and get your desire jewelry. But the thing is, selling jewelry is convenient when you thoroughly about the market, like the price and stuff, and you can search the buyer by typing “sell my gold” or “sell my jewelry.”

But the main problem arises when you go to buy your dream piece of jewelry. There are thousands of sellers, but a maximum of them is fraud or fake. In this field, fooling someone without the knowledge of jewelry is very easy. You cannot even tell which one is a piece of fake or real jewelry. There are many false and fake copies available in the market of your dream jewelry. So, if you want to buy or sell a real piece of jewelry, here are the ways you should follow to prevent any fraud from happening to you.

  • The very first step to identify your authentic jewelry is to look for marks on it. While manufacturing any jewelry piece, the manufacturer puts some marks or stamps on the work, proving that it is the actual piece. If you see suspicious marks, dents, wrong colors, etc., you should not buy that jewelry.
  • If you use gold, you will know the estimated weight of jewelry by looking at it. Gold pricing is according to its weight or karat. So, to find out if it is accurate, research the importance of the jewelry. Examine the jewelry’s diameters, thickness, size, etc. if it does not match your research, do not go for that jewelry. Also, drop the jewelry in the water; you will know whether it’s real or not, as gold sinks in water.
  • Another way to find out whether the gold is real or not is by using nitric acid. Apply some acid to the gold; real gold will not react to the acid. Before applying the nitric acid, apply scratch the surface. If it turns green, then it is gold clad, and if it turns milky white, then the gold contains sterling. Try this way if the first two steps do not work.
  • Applying cosmetics on gold jewelry will help you determine the real and fake ones. Apply liquid foundation and powder on your hand and rub the gold on it. If the gold is confirmed, it will leave a black streak in reaction to the foundation.
  • You can use a magnet. If the gold strikes, then it is not real.

Following these ways will let your sell or buy gold jewelry easily and conveniently at Atlantic Check Cashing Store.

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