How to Evaluate Hayward Factoring Companies

Invoice factoring is a funding alternative that is used by thousands of businesses. Freight companies, wholesalers, B2B firms all seek to factor solutions for various reasons. Some need cash for rent, pay salaries, and utility bills. For other business owners, invoice factoring services is the easiest way to source money for investment opportunities.

Many online lending institutions serve as Hayward factoring companies. Here are some of the things that make a good factoring company.

Application Procedure and Financing Duration

One of the most exciting things about Hayward factoring companies is that you can do the application in a day. Apart from your personal information about your business, you don’t need to provide any other data. Some firms will want to check your credit report and find out if you have a driver’s license.

You can also complete the application procedure online. So, a good factoring company should have an easy to navigate website. Furthermore, a reliable factor will be able to transfer the cash to your business account quickly. It takes 24 hours, but most factors can complete the transaction in 10 minutes.


Usually, the factoring firm will let you choose the invoices you intend to factor. However, there are some exceptions. Some lenders may demand that you sell all your invoices from specific customers. The factor might request invoices from a specific duration or restrict the number of invoices a business owner can sell.

Discount Rates and Payment

Hayward factoring companies offer the best rates for your invoices. While there are no factors that pay the complete amount for your invoice, the best ones should offer up to 99% of your invoice value. In the interim, the discount rates should range between 1-6%. The closing amount will depend on different aspects, such as the duration it takes for the customer to repay the debt.

Length of the Contract

Another important thing to consider is the contract length. Various factoring firms provide various contracts. In many cases, these are annual and monthly subscriptions.

Non-Recourse and Recourse Factoring

There are two forms of factoring. Non-recourse and recourse factoring. The majority of Hayward factoring companies offer recourse factoring. Recourse Invoice factoring is a low-risk venture since the customer must purchase back all the unpaid invoices from the factoring company. When it comes to non-recourse, the factoring company is accountable for absorbing all the pending bills. If you opt for this type of factoring, you can expect higher factoring rates since the factoring company is taking a huge risk.

Other Funding Products

When choosing Hayward factoring companies, it’s important to look at the other services they offer. A large factor offers business loans, line of credits, and other financing solutions. Some companies specialize in providing financial advice to customers, as others offer various tools for improving and monitoring your credit score.

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