Owing to the COVID-19 after effects on the economy and the world, Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations are likely to be more cowed this year. With temple visits and processions highly regulated, the usual crowds might be missing on the roads, however, the enthusiasm is likely to be the same. India worships and celebrates Lord Ganesh is several manifestations. He is adulated as Gajanana – the fountain of infinite wisdom and knowledge. He is also revered as Vigneshwara – the destructor of malevolent forces. He is also adored as Lambakarna – someone who is willing and patient to endure the long haul. However, above all he is loved as Ganpati – the God of new launches. On this auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, let’s keep up with the spirits of celebrations by invoking Lord Ganesha’s consecrations in the form of certain investment wisdom which can be applied to your mutual fund investments.  

  1. Invoking Chinteshwara – always pay attention to investment goals
    Did you know that the extremely small and fire-like eyes of Lord Ganesha represent a dedicated focus? When it comes to investing, your dedicated focus is derived from your investment objectives. At no point, one must lose this focus.
  2. Invoking Gajanana – Wisdom above knowledge
    As mentioned, Lord Ganesha is widely adulated as Gajanana – the fountain of wisdom and knowledge. The implication of Gajanana is concentrating on wisdom above knowledge. Remember, anyone can acquire knowledge. However, one needs to develop wisdom. In this investing world, it means that individuals with explicit knowledge and understandings of the markets can still make poor investing decisions if they lack judgement. This is the essence of what Gajanana represents.
  3. Invoking Lambodara – the one with avid appetite
    You would be wondering how an avid appetite is applicable to investing. Well, before we get to that do you know the implication of the God Ganesha’s huge belly? It is about the appetite or the ability for the bad and the good. Similar to that, in the investing world, there are times when the markets are performing exceptionally good and then there are times when one experiences prolonged period of bad times. It’s important that all investors must possess insatiable appetite for risk. Also, these investors must accept the good and bad news of the stock markets as part of the long haul of the investment game.
  4. Invoking Lambakarana – Having an ear to the ground
    The huge ears of Ganesha signify the ability to grasp information, process it quickly renovate it into action. When it comes to investing, you can apply this knowledge by having an ear to the ground. In the investing world, there is always loads of perceptions, tips, information, gossips, and gossip. All of these sources of information often hold some source of wisdom which is hidden. A good investor refines wisdom from these various sources of information.
  5. Invoking vakratunda – the all-purpose trunk
    An elephant’s trunk is quite all-purpose in nature – it uses it to pick fruits, eat food, fight opponents, bathe itself, and also aids to pick weights. Similar to that, your investment strategies must be flexible enough to adapt to changing times of the stock markets. In short, your investment strategy must not get stuck to a particular approach or idea.

Hope you apply these investment knowledges to your mutual funds and become a successful investor. Always ensure that the objectives of your mutual fund schemes are aligned with your risk profile, investment goals, and investment horizon. You can also use a mutual fund return calculator to understand the future value of your investments. Happy investing!

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