Online Business Ideas after Lockdown in India

Most businesses rely on a certain amount of physicality. A human presence is mandatory irrespective of whether you are tutoring, running a delivery service, or simply writing articles like this!

It has been many months since the lockdown was enforced, and now we are more self-aware. While larger businesses have endured a rough patch, this pandemic has allowed many online business ideas to take flight. Let us see some of the more viable virtual ideas that you too can explore.

Medical equipment

The surge in Covid-19 cases has brought about a requirement for masks, sanitisers, and PPE kits. Many entrepreneurs have minted money by shifting to the production of these essential healthcare items.

Moreover, this pandemic has led to a renewed outlook towards clean and healthy living, thereby implying that this business in medical equipment will remain viable even after the pandemic.

Food delivery

They say the journey to a person’s soul is through the stomach, and this pandemic, you could take yourself “soul-searching”. Food is yet another essential item and a valuable investment. If you have the requisite culinary skills you could make it a viable business.

From chocolates and cakes to Italian or Chinese dishes, you could engage in a food delivery system. Ensure that you have a sound logistics department to help you with the deliveries.

Tuition classes and tutorials  

The closure of educational institutions does not indicate that learning should stop. You can make the most of this opportunity by giving online tuitions so that students stay sharp and ready for their academic session.

Additionally, you could also engage in various tutorials such as make-up, dance, or handicrafts. This will help widen your network reach. Furthermore, tutorials and training sessions in collaborations with leading start-ups and organizations can lead to greater exposure.

Social media management and content creation

Everybody wants to be liked and loved up, and today, business is all about brand outreach. You can try your hand at being a social media manager, where you get to manage the social media handles of various organizations.

It is a lucrative business opportunity where demand exceeds supply. Additionally, you could use the skills of social media management to become an independent influencer. Your earnings will be influenced by your subscriber count and overall outreach.

If you have a functional knowledge about social media and a natural talent at creating engaging content, then this profile is meant for you.

Website development

A business venture exudes authenticity if it has a website, and if it has a good website, it becomes engaging.

A good website is one which the audience finds engaging and has a reduced bounce rate. The ability to develop websites requires skills in web design, database management, web programming, and web publishing.

Content writing and blogging

There is a certain beauty in words that content writers and bloggers are champions in exploring and exploiting. Words are a necessary tool for communication, and this makes content writing indispensable.

Almost every organization has a content development department, and the ones that do not, they outsource.  Thus, your opportunities will be endless.


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