Should You Prefer Loan from Mortgage Lenders or Bank?

While building for your new home, many people may recommend you for mortgage & loans. if your credit score and source of income are eligible to obtain the loan then you need to contact Blackhawk Bank Mortgage & Loans, They have the best options that will suit your needs well.

However, you have a choice to go either to any bank or any mortgage lender, if you are qualified for loan. Both have got their unique pros and cons and therefore who should you prefer while applying for loan?

Usually, you will find that any mortgage lenders will offer you many different options and perhaps that will not be available with most of the banks.

Therefore, let us see the pros and cons of both the options, so that you can decide based on your condition, which will be the right option for you.


Let us start with the banks. Usually, banks may offer you a number of concessions if you are their long-term customers and have good financial relationships. They may also offer certain discounts or benefits.

However, usually any bank will have very strict standards for lending money, which are also subjected to several rules. This may be an issue for many lenders.

Now let us see various other pros and cons of bank loan.


  1. Interest rate may be lower based on your own financial profile
  2. As an existing customer, you may get few benefits or special rates
  3. They will continue to offer their services for your loan even after its closure
  4. Few proprietary and certain niche-specific loan programs may be offered


  1. Very strict lending standards
  2. Only few varieties of loan products available
  3. Less expertise in mortgage lending
  4. Because of more compliances, fees can be more
  5. Additional banking products will be sold
  6. Longer time to close.

Mortgage lenders

For last few years mortgage lenders have captured most of the loan market because they are usually more flexible and also can customize your loan as per your convenience.

Also, all the mortgage companies have to go through number of training programs and as a result they can always offer you advice based on your financial conditions.

Now let us see the pros and cons of mortgage lenders.


  1. More expertise of lending
  2. More options available
  3. Better advice and guidance provided
  4. Ready to negotiate on their terms
  5. Faster closing of loan


  1. They may not have any physical location
  2. After closing the lender may sell the loan to any other service provider

Having seen both side of the coin, now you can decide which will be right option for you.

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