Step by step guide on how to spot fake online companies

Are you aware of the fact that the internet is full of various fake companies? Almost everyone has once been a victim of counterfeit sites whose primary goal is to steal a lot of money from people or steal an identity.

Daily, an increasing number of scam sites appear to target victims and exploit their ignorance, ignorance, and above all, naivety. Various get-rich-quick schemes have become so common on the internet and “so good be true” that naive people get so attracted to them.

The truth is, it’s all a classic scam. Therefore, to recognize a scam or fake company, it’s essential to be informed by great professionals. Here you will find a proper step by step guide that will be of great help in identifying fake companies on the internet.

Check the URL of the company website.

One of the best indicators that may show you whether it is a fake company or not is the URL. First of all, take a look at the padlock icon in the address bar. Once you click on it, you will see the dropdown box with information about the website, including the following:

  1. The exact number of cookies in use
  2. If the certificate is valid od not
  3. Numerous other website settings

It’s reported that a padlock icon implies that the website has been successfully verified as secure. Keep in mind that various bogus sites have replicated the padlock icon, and some areas that are deemed safe can still be insecure and hacked.

Significant browsers, like Chrome and Firefox, have security checks in place. They tell you whether a particular website can be trusted or not.

Trust your internet browsers.

If you keep your browser updated and include antivirus software on your PC, you’ll get informed if you run across an unsafe website. Therefore, if you get an alert that says “Not Secure” on your screen, you must close that web page right away and back out.

It’s always crucial to trust warnings of your browsers since, in most cases, they can detect scam sites successfully.

Use a website checker.

To check the legitimacy of one website, it’s mandatory to use online verification services that will provide you with detailed information about the website. Good and quality checkers generate reports and run the site through multiple lists to see whether any warning sign will pop up.

It’s also good to check the Google transparency report to tell you how safe your website is. Once you get to the homepage, you need to enter the URL in the “Check site status” box and hit the Return key.

Go to forums and read comments and reviews.

Perhaps the best way to get informed about a particular company is to go to forums and read comments and reviews. The best way to see whether you’re dealing with a legitimate company or a fraudulent one is to see what its customers say about it.

Review sites are also great resources to get the complete picture of a company that offers products and services.


Sometimes it is complicated to recognize a fake company. The answer is usually found in the most common things, such as URLs, warnings, too good offers to be accurate, and so on. the best protection is prevention and therefore – do not click on any link or site you come across. Always do a double-check.

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