5 Important Travel Insurance Covers You Must Have In Your Travel Insurance Plan

Travelling and visiting new locations has always been an important part of our lives. We travelled with our families to new and exciting places in our childhood. It helped us broaden our horizons and meet new people. During our trips, we only had to focus on having fun. As we grow up, we begin to start taking trips independently.

Through this, we realise the importance of planning for our trips. Along with this, it also becomes important to take the proper precautionary measures for our trips. Among the different ways, you can opt for protection, getting a suitable travel insurance plan is one of the best options.

For instance, if you’re travelling to the U.K., getting travel insurance for the U.K. will help you by offering the support you need in case you’re dealing with an emergency. A travel insurance plan is designed to help you deal with any emergency you face. First, however, it is important to learn about a few important things your travel insurance policy will cover.

Important Things Your Travel Insurance Plan Covers

Here are a few things that an optimal travel insurance plan covers:

  • Medical emergencies: If you’re on vacation and face a medical emergency, dealing with the medical bills can be quite difficult. The medical bills can be quite high if you face the issue in a different country. Dealing with high medical bills in a different country can immensely impact your trip budget.

However, you will not have to worry about medical bills with a suitable travel insurance cover. Travel insurance policies provide you with the financial support you need to get the proper medical attention when you’re on a trip.

  • Cover for flight cancellations and delays: While you may have planned your trip as accurately as possible, certain things are out of your hands. For instance, bad weather can cause your flight to be delayed or cancelled. These flight delays and cancellations may impact your budget, as you would probably have to stay an extra night at a different location.

Since your plan’s itinerary did not include the extra day or night, you may not have included the amount in your budget. When you own a travel insurance plan, you will get financial assistance to ensure you are reimbursed for the meals and the hotel accommodations.

  • Damages due to natural disasters: While the probability of facing natural disasters like earthquakes, fires, landslides is low, they can impact your budget for the trip immensely. When you own a travel insurance plan, you will get coverage for dealing with flight delays, accommodations, meals, etc., caused due to natural disasters. Therefore, owning a suitable travel insurance plan will benefit you during emergencies like natural disasters.
  • Cover for third-party liabilities: While you’re on your trip, you may accidentally injure or damage third parties. You can either damage a third-party individual or their property. In these scenarios, you may have to provide financial reimbursements to a third party. These events can disrupt your budget for the trip. A travel insurance plan will provide you with financial reimbursement for any third-party damages that you cause.
  • Documents and personal belongings coverage: Misplacing your luggage or having your luggage stolen can be quite difficult to deal with when you’re on a trip. Along with this, losing important documents like your passport and other travel documents can be quite stressful when in a different country. However, when you own a suitable travel insurance plan, you will be covered for the personal belongings that you lose, and you can travel without any stress.

Benefits of Travel Insurance

Given below are some of the benefits you can get with a suitable travel insurance plan:

  1. Affordable: With a travel insurance policy, you get a wide range of benefits at an affordable price. This makes the coverage quite accessible for travellers.
  2. Multiple plans: Several travel insurance plans are available with unique benefits to ensure they match your requirements. For instance, you can get business travel insurance cover if you’re travelling for business.
  3. Customer support: Most insurers offer 24×7 customer support to help policyholders deal with different emergencies they may face on their trips. With prompt support, you will get the support you need during a difficult time.
  4. Ease of purchase: Travel insurance plans are quite easy to purchase. You can visit your preferred insurer’s website and get instant travel insurance. Along with this, the process for filing a claim settlement is easy. A smooth claim settlement process will help you get the coverage you need on time.

Most insurers like Tata AIG also offer various travel insurance premium calculators to help customers get instant travel insurance. The calculator helps you get a travel insurance quote for the premium amount you pay towards the policy. In addition, with the calculator, you can prepare your finances for the purchase and compare different plans available for you.


A travel insurance plan will offer you coverage for various scenarios like medical emergencies, flight cancellations, natural disasters, document loss, etc. Getting the appropriate coverage for these situations will help you immensely while you’re on your trip. First, however, you must read through the policy document carefully. It will help you understand the coverage you are liable to get while you’re on your trip.

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